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About Us

Emkambo Trading

Emkambo Trading

Forex Trading is one of the most potential and lucrative business one can get into. Although there are many challenges; finding the right mentorship and having adequate finance to make real returns without having to gamble your hard earned capital away tends to be the hardest.

It is in this spirit that intends to cover this niche gap by working with both successful traders and Ambitious new traders. We aim to provide capital and all related resources for the success of all involved; with great rewards and substantial profit sharing agreements.

While we have limited capital resources, we have a growing number of family and friends joining in to pool their hard earned money for a fraction of the positive outcome. They do this knowing their hard earned money is traded securely with the highest standard of ethics and proper risk management.

Our Mission

to provide students and experienced traders alike a platform to earn more through their skill, hard work and professionalism.

Our Vision

to one day be one of the biggest Prop trading platforms that will offer great opportunities; while being part of a community to all individuals irrespective of background.

Our Principles are adopted from Belbin鈥檚 SMART method.

Specific- We help our community aim for Specific results in their trading journey.

Measurable- Our goals are measured in milestones.

Agreeable- Before embarking on the journey we have a face to face and agree to the goal.

Realistic- Although the sky is the limit; we aim to work towards realistic targets.

Timed- We set time frames where we evaluate progress.

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