How it Works

How our system works has set itself on a path to create a community of traders that want to enjoy the spoils of their hard work while sharing with those that believe in it by investing not just praise but that small amount that has added up and helped us achieve our dreams. Those people are our friends and family.

We are not a one size fit all because we understand diversity and uniqueness each trader brings. Our aim is to provide equal opportunity to all. Whether you come as experienced trader or a complete novice you will be given the opportunity.

To get funding you will be expected to meet our minimum standard of trading, which you can to learn from some of our best and experienced traders or can prove to us right away.

New to trading sign up- take up

Our great course, enjoy the benefits of being part of our community, practice in a demo while being mentored, take up the challenge and get funding.
Profit target of 20% to be reached (Profit target Meaning)
Stop loss maximum of 2% per trade (Stop loss meaning)
Agreed split profit after minimum trading days (40 -50 % to trader)
Preservation of capital is important, maximum of 8% maximum drawdown will be allowed (Maximum drawdown allowed meaning)
To be completed in a maximum of 30 trading days (Trading days meaning)
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